CoPilot for Azure


As organizations adopt Azure at scale, CoPilot allows the client to continue optimizing their environment with the help of the AHEAD team of certified Azure engineers.

CoPilot provides access to Azure engineers and expertise, monthly Cloud Insights, and Cloud Optimization and Governance Tooling. Based on CoPilot Cloud Insights recommendations and specific customer initiatives, the CoPilot team will help maintain peak efficiency of the Azure environment. CoPilot Cloud Insights provides customers with deeper insights into usage inside of cloud environments, organizations can turn insight into action to confidently scale their environment. Cloud Insights are delivered as a monthly report to customers presented by a CoPilot cloud engineer to provide environmental analysis and remediation steps including: Usage Analysis, Cost and Savings Analysis, Reserved VM Instance Analysis, Utilization Analysis, Security Analysis, and Best Practice Analysis. Through the CoPilot SSO portal, customers are able to access consolidated information about the environment along with a central ticketing platform for interacting with our team. The CoPilot for Azure Tooling provides a comprehensive solution to gain visibility across cost and expenses; security and compliance; and resource utilization and inventory usage to effectively manage and optimize your cloud environment. Customizable reporting and alerts give organizations the visibility they need to manage cost, inventory, and utilization within their Azure environment. Security monitoring also ensures Azure environments stay safe and compliant as you operate and onboard additional workloads. CoPilot Enablement Hours provide ongoing system maintenance, enhancement, and technology enablement for Azure cloud environments delivered by AHEAD cloud experts. Enablement Hours can be used for a variety of needs, including: Cost Optimization, Accounts and Subscriptions, Azure Networking, Axure Virtual Machines, Monitoring and Operations, Azure Storage, Backup and Recovery, Best Practice Review, ARM Tasks, and Automation (ARM/Terraform).