Digital Twins: 4-week Proof of Concept

AI Consulting Group

Bring data and scenarios to life and develop use case for Digital Twins in Azure for real-time visualization and scenario modelling from IoT-based data.

The proof-of-concept, Azure Digital Twins will demonstrate the possibilities of connecting and combining your process data from distributed enterprise IT-systems and IoT-landscapes in a central and easily accessible location. Bring data from IoT and other data sources to life, creating an always-up-to-date digital version of your environment that is scalable and secure.

Push real-time telemetries from millions of IoT sensors to Azure IoT Hub. Data from sensors may include but are not limited to Noise, Vibration, Movement, Lighting, Hydration, Temperature, Machine Speed, RPM, Torque, Coolant Temperature, Chemical Detection, Air Quality, C02.

This solution in Azure will enable cutting-edge analytics, and visualization through Power BI, and real-time alerts.

The Proof of Concept will include

Setup of the Digital Twin customized to specific business and process needs.

Connection of a set of devices, systems or sensors to the Digital Twin.

Setup of an analytics or visualization tool tailored to the analytical and business requirements.

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