ML-based Personalised Marketing for Trade: 4-week Implementation

AI Consulting Group

Intelligent personalization for segmentation, persona creation, product analysis & recommendation for trade business.

Customer Intelligence is driving hyper-personalization with timely tailor-made offers. By providing a single view of the customer, contextual insights, and next best action, develop prescriptive recommendations based on consumer behavior, past transactions, and interaction with the brand or business.

These insights combined with the execution platform will deliver unparalleled opportunities for CMOs to up-sell and create bespoke product and service propositions to different customers. Create an ecosystem with a clearly defined roadmap using platforms and frameworks built on Azure solutions, delivering real-time insights and recommendations.

Deliverables: • Stakeholder discovery and Architecture interviews • Dev Ops Repository, Setup Backup and Recovery o Implementation and Configuration of requisites for o Azure Machine Learning Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lakehouse, Azure Databricks o Azure Analysis Services o Power BI Environment • Architecture Design Document • Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Validation, Sample Testing and Statistics • Machine Learning Feature Engineering & Modelling • Model Training, Parameter Tuning and Predictions • Dashboard, Reporting, and Recommendations • Go Live Support

Why AI Consulting: We are Machine Learning experts with some of the best consultants around the globe and happy clients from Australia to the Americas. Our Microsoft certified data scientists will facilitate and assist in every stage of your growth. Our expertise includes machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.