Open AI Enablement and Architecture: 10-Day PoC

AI Consulting Group

Unlock the potential of Open AI through a 10-day Proof of Concept (PoC) that delves into its capabilities, functionalities, demonstrates potential applications, and prepare for implementation.

The Proof of Concept on OpenAI is designed to help businesses investigate and validate the potential of AI applications through applicable use cases such as content creation, FAQ conversational AI, document management, and intelligent data analysis.

POC Components: POC Demonstration: Azure OpenAI will exemplify its capabilities by implementing the selected use case, serving as a proof of concept to showcase the potential of OpenAI technologies.

Basic 'MLOps' Infrastructure: The necessary infrastructure for the POC will be provided, facilitating seamless integration and deployment. This infrastructure is designed to manage the machine learning operations associated with the chosen use case.

Basic Azure OpenAI architecture to enable Generative AI use cases.