Predict & Prevent OH&S Incidents using ML, AI Vision and IoT: 8-week Implementation

AI Consulting Group

Create a technology-based Safety Culture with AI & ML Based, Safety, & Risk Minimisation powered by Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services.

MONITOR - Monitor Real-time with Azure IoT and Cognitive Service and create Machine Vision based alerts (incl. personal protective equipment, hazards and mobile equipment risk) to ensure safety compliance today. Use Digital Twins for real-time visualization, and scenario modelling.

PREDICT - Predict OH&S incidents by creating forward-looking machine learning-based ‘Dynamic Employee Risk Profiles’ to calculate an employee’s chances of being involved in an incident on any upcoming day.

INTERVENE & PREVENT – Prevent incidents by retraining, proactively removing employees from potentially dangerous situations and send live compliance alerts to employees to immediately eliminate dangerous working conditions.

Project Scope

• Consultation – In-depth workshop set to understand your business needs and determine the best use cases that will help your organization improve Occupational Health and Safety procedures.

• Solution Design and Architecture - Our experts will recommend specific solutions based on identified opportunities including a our 5-Day Lakehouse in Azure Interprise BI for data flow, management and storage, reference architecture of Azure IoT and AI services, including Live Video Analytics, and Custom Vision to drive the most value.

• Deployment & Setup - Our team will execute deployment and configuration to implement the designed solution. Implementation and Configuration of requisites for

Azure Machine Learning Azure Machine Learning Azure Data Factory Azure Data Lakehouse Azure Databricks
Azure Cognitive Service Azure Analysis Services Power BI Environment

Architecture Design Document

Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Validation, Sample Testing and Statistics

Machine Learning Feature Engineering & Modelling

Model Training, Parameter Tuning and Predictions

Dashboard, Reporting, and Recommendations

Go Live Support

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