Cloud Legacy Decommissioning: 2-Day Assessment


Analyse and plan for the migration of data and documents from legacy on-premises applications to secure modern Azure cloud platform.

Aiimi provides analysis, advice and solutions for decommissioning legacy on-premises applications to Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Legacy platforms often contain static data which has value for the organisation, but the applications increase in cost over time due to skills shortages, vendor maintenance costs and security risk management. Our solutions are designed to move the data and documents to Azure Cloud Storage Accounts and provide an intuitive front end for users to be able to search for and navigate to the information with minimal training. Designed for static data sets to be moved to modern, evergreen and highly cost-effective cloud compute environments. This 2 day workshop will focus on developing the following:


Day 1 - Defining the business value of a move to Azure from the existing platform. This includes analysis of the skills and maintenance costs for the legacy platform and quantifying the risks inherent in maintaining the old platform, for instance reliance on out of date operating systems - Map the user experience in terms of entities to be searchable and viewable and how different data might relate

Day 2 - Understand the volume of data to be migrated, including and documents held by the legacy application - Review the connections or facilities available to extract the source data from the source system - Create a high level Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to inform ETL / ELT requirements to fulfil with Azure Data Factory when preparing the data for long term archiving - Propose next steps