Airnet Azure Foundations: 2-day Implementation

Airnet Group, Inc.

Airnet Azure Foundations is a pre-architected framework for streamlining deployment of Azure resources. It provides a secure, flexible Azure environment.

Migrate to the cloud quickly and easily with an automated setup of your Azure environment using a scalable, standardized and pre-architected framework.

Whether you want to deploy Windows Server and SQL Server-based resources to Azure, deploy desktops and applications on Azure using Windows Virtual Desktop, migrate production web application workloads to Azure, manage application services in Azure or operate your network architecture in Azure, Airnet Azure Foundations sets up your Azure environment to do all these things and more on a Zero Trust framework.


  • Designate Primary and Secondary Azure Regions
  • Define Azure naming designation
  • Select Managed and Sandbox accounts
  • Confirm IP range (Example: /16)
  • Gather, review, and validate network requirements, VNETs, and network security groups
  • Confirm Azure subscriptions
  • Deploy Airnet Azure Foundations


A ready-to-use, secure Azure environment in a matter of minutes instead of months of analysis paralysis.