Airnet Azure Foundations: 2-day Implementation

Airnet Group, Inc.

Airnet Azure Foundations is a pre-architected framework for streamlining deployment of Azure resources. It provides a secure, flexible Azure environment.

Migrate to the cloud quickly and easily with an automated setup of your Azure environment using a scalable, standardized and pre-architected framework.


Designate Primary and Secondary Azure Regions Define Azure naming designation Select Managed and Sandbox accounts Confirm IP range (Example: /16) Class B RFC1918 Address space that will be carved into standard subnets for each subscription Gather, review, and validate network requirements, VNETs, and network security groups * Core Network Infrastructure * Required Virtual Networks * Subnets defined by workload * Network Security Groups * Network gateways and endpoints Confirm Azure subscriptions * ManagedServices * ManagedPreProd * ManagedProd * ManagedHBI * Managed_Storage Deploy Airnet Azure Foundations


A ready-to-use, secure Azure environment in a matter of minutes instead of months of analysis paralysis.