Airnet Systems Assessment Tool: 1-day Assessment

Airnet Group, Inc.

Review tiered budgeting options for your move to Azure based on detailed reports of server core level inventory, cost and performance data from your entire IT infrastructure.

Identify goals for your migration to Azure and build a roadmap to achieve them. This assessment of your IT infrastructure, performance and cost of ownership will allow you to use real data to make your Azure cloud migration decisions. Assessment includes tiered budgeting for Azure storage options to align your migration with your organizations vision for the future.

Your Custom Report Will Provide:

  • Inventory: All network, server hardware, and operating systems
  • Current Costs: Total infrastructure costs estimated from server core level detail
  • Performance: Data from over 55+ critical system metrics
  • Right-Sizing: Optimization recommendations for each server
  • Cloud Candidacy: Identification of servers and operating systems that would benefit from migration to Azure
  • Hybrid Cloud: Potential deployment recommendations