CI/CD & DevOps Build Pipeline Automation with Azure: 4-Week Implementation

AI Software LLC

Automate the build and publish process (deployment) of your web or mobile software development lifecycle process to efficiently use the Azure App Services or virtual or on-premise resources.

AI Software LLC (AIS) is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development since 2015.

AIS offers to automate the build and publish process (deployment) of software development life cycle using Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines. Using the power of Azure DevOps, customers can automate many scenarios including following:

  • Publish Web Applications or Web APIs to multiple environments for Dev, QA, Pre-production, Production
  • Publish Web Applications or Web APIs to Azure App Services
  • Publish iOS Mobile Applications to Apple TestFlight
  • Publish Android Applications to Google Playstore Test Release
  • Publish Application(s) to on-premise or virtual machines using Agents
  • Run Automated Tests
  • Run Static Code Analysis
  • Automate builds at periodic intervals or after every developer check in

Implementation Steps:

  • Discovery of current infrastructure - servers/access/components

  • Discovery of existing DevOps practice including current Branching Policies

  • Assessment of current issues and defining the outline of client goals

  • Review and approve proposed changes for the DevOps practice

  • Setup Pull-request process and branching policies

  • Setup of required Azure Resources and/or Implementation Environments

  • Pipeline development/testing with technical teams

  • Documentation and final delivery for future maintenance


  • Consultation with DevOps Engineers and Solution Architects
  • Executable CI/CD Pipelines in DevOps environment
  • Branching & Pull-request Policies and practices to support an efficient and productive development life cycle
  • Technical Documentation for future maintenance
  • Post-deployment support

Offer Limited to:

  • Single App Service or Single Target (Web/Mobile)
  • Up to three environment - Dev, QA and Production
  • No Database Migration Automation

Note: For more applications and environments, pricing may vary