Azure Kubernetes Service: 1-Day Workshop

Avanio Oy

With our help, customers can get full benefit of Azure Kubernetes Service and use native Azure PaaS services together with Kubernetes

Avanio has lots of experience in Azure Kubernetes Service, Kubernetes and Azure PaaS Services. Having workshop together between Avanio and customer, we can find optimal way to get full benefit of Azure Kubernetes Service. We can go through customer services and find out how to use Azure Container Registry, Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Azure Application Gateway and such.

Target audience is both technical leaders and business leaders.

We go through what is Kubernetes Service and how it could be beneficial. What are containers? How to use Azure DevOps together with containers, Kubernetes and Azure.

After the day, you should know if Kubernetes suits for your business and if yes, what kind of services could be needed and what are the next steps to get your software running in Kubernetes.