Managed IaaS on Azure: 4h Assessment

akquinet GmbH

Managed Infrastructure as a Service: During this 4 HR Assessment we will take a deeper look into the customers infrastructure and needs in regards to his resources in Azure.

During this 4hour Assessment we, together with you, will take a look at your current azure architecture or your workload that has to be designed and operated based on Microsoft Azure Services. No matter if you are going to use IaaS, PaaS or SaaS Services after this Assessment we will provide you an offer about a Managed Infrastructure focused on your Needs. Our goal is always to understand the customer and deliver what he needs in terms of support, expertise and financial aspects. Our experienced support team may manage every bit of your architecture or will just help you if you call us.

While operating your systems our experienced and certified support staff will always take care of your needs. This will contain at least the following topics

  • Continuous mointoring and approval of the service quality in terms of response times, performance and reaction
  • Continuous analysis and recomendations in terms of financial aspects
  • We are always interested in optimizing the systems and architecture in ways that fit your needs

During the last years we gathered experience and knowledge in many parts of Microsoft Azure such as

  • Automization of new and existing environments
  • Scaleability of a number of different applications
  • Migration of workloads to and inside of Microsoft Azure
  • Architectural and Technical Design of environments opperated in Microsoft Azure
  • Always adapting new technologies based offered by Microsoft Azure