Connecting a hybrid cloud with S2S VPN: 1-Day Implementation

ALEF Distribution RO S.A.

Enable hybrid connectivity between your on-premises network and Azure with Site-to-Site VPN.

Customers consistently use their own private clouds to run business applications, but many have started to develop a multi-cloud strategy to take advantage of the full features the public clouds offer: high-availability, elasticity, durability, agility, and security.

Cloud connectivity and network strategy should stand at the core of any cloud migration project. Whether the customers lack the technical expertise required to connect their existing data centers or sites to the cloud, or they want to build a disaster recovery solution between their location and Azure but lack the skills in networking to make a viable solution, our 1-Day Implementation services to connect hybrid cloud with S2S VPN will help them achieve these goals.

As a Microsoft Partner who acquired the Partner Designation for Infrastructure, with many Microsoft, Cisco, F5, NetApp, and Palo Alto Networks certified professionals, and successful implementations of networking services for companies from various industries such as financial services, IT, automotive and public sector, we can be your partner for success.

During the 1 Day Implementation service for connecting a hybrid cloud with S2S VPN, Azure will be configured to allow VPN connectivity between your Azure tenant resources and on-premises resources via a site-to-site VPN. Additionally, ALEF will assess your on-premises VPN gateway and help with the necessary configuration.

Key information:

• Configure a VPN Gateway S2S and P2S

• Create a virtual network and Gateway

• Configure a S2S tunnel Azure

• Set up IPSec framework (IKEv2 & IPsec policies)

• Define on-prem inside routing towards Azure networks and NAT exclusions (if necessary)

• Configure VPN on-prem gateway with previously defined IPSec policies

• Acceptance testing

• Update LLD with new changes

ALEF is a solution aggregator with an experience of 20+ years in the IT distribution market, focused on solutions in Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Collaboration, Cloud solutions, Datacenter, Networking, and all connected areas. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we provide to our partners both presale and post-sale services, extending to assessment reviews, implementation, and post migration services. ALEF team works consistently with partners to address customer needs and at the same time help them develop their own expertise through our certified training program.