Data Recovery and Business Continuity: 5 days implementation

ALEF Distribution RO S.A.

Adopt a resilience strategy that helps you reduce operational downtime and minimize the data-loss risk using our Azure Recovery implementation services.

Many organizations manage Data Centers hosted in private clouds or choose to externalize IT infrastructure to public cloud providers like Azure, AWS or GCP. Creating a reliable IT Infrastructure is the goal of any IT Department, but any complex system can fail in a similarly complex way. That’s why, to create reliability, you need to focus on resilience. Resilience starts with availability. Reducing the time when a company’s IT operations are not working as expected is very important. As important is the speed with which the data is being recovered after a potential data-loss scenario caused by either a human error or a cyber-attack. For a full-data recovery, you need to have in place a reliable backup system and a business continuity strategy.

One of the fundamental rules of the backup strategy (3-2-1) states to keep at least a copy of your data off-site, ideally in a different location from the primary source of data, that is located many miles away. If you have servers, databases, websites etc. hosted on-premises or at other public cloud providers, you can consider the Azure Backup and Site-Recovery services to help you achieve your resilience strategy goals.

It’s notably cheaper to implement a backup and site-recovery strategy in Azure and pay a monthly fee in a flexible and transparent manner, than buying replication servers, NASs’, switches, software license (ex. SQL Server with Software Assurance for an Active-Active scenario) for which you will most probably pay up-front.

With our Data Recovery and Business Continuity services you will get the following benefits:

• Based on your current workloads (Azure VMs, Azure File shares, blobs, On-premises files and folders, Hyper-V/ VMWare, bare-metal servers, NAS), you will receive recommendations for using the Azure Backup service which provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up your data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud

• Set-up the Recovery Service Vault, access policy rules, backup policies, monitoring & alerts

• Configure the backups, implement, and test a data-recovery plan

• Set-up Azure Site Recovery to replicate workloads running on physical and virtual machines (Hyper-V, VMWare, other clouds, Azure) from a primary site to a secondary location to keep business apps and workloads running during outages

• Recommendations for choosing the right VMs, disks, and network configuration (ex. Set-up VPN Gateway or Azure Bastion)

• Customize the recovery plan and run a disaster recovery drill for testing

• Cost Management overview, set-up budgets and alerts

The 5 days implementation is an estimated specialist/hour effort for workloads that consist of up to 4 servers. The duration and price may be different based on the complexity of your IT infrastructure and backup and site-recovery needs.

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