Azure Architecture: 2-week Assessment


Sign up for this 2-week Azure Architecture Assessment to assess your business processes and needs for a new cloud environment - designed around your budget, staff, and requirements.

Our Discovery Phase

  • Learn about your business
    • Overview of your businesses products and services
    • High level overview of proposed environment
    • Review current IT skills and technology stack
    • Regulatory compliance and security requirements
    • Data backup and retention requirements
    • Discuss areas of improvement to address
    • Budget and cost allocations
  • Perform application and infrastructure assessment
    • Scope: 12 servers/services
    • Performance expectations
    • Availability requirements
    • Projected system load
    • Data Backup and retention requirements
    • 3rd party software and integrations
    • Identify risk factors
    • Cost savings opportunities
    • Connectivity to on-premises and remote resources
  • IaaS vs PaaS options
  • Licensing considerations

Our Deliverables

  • Scope: 12 servers/services
  • Architecture diagram
  • List of cloud resources and details
  • Installation guide
  • ROI and TCO analysis
  • Recommendations for future improvements
  • Estimated cost of implementation, support and maintenance (if requested)

Add-ons (available at an additional cost)

  • Implementation of design
  • Cost optimization and right-sizing resources
  • Support and maintenance
  • Creation of Azure deployment templates to recreate environment
  • Analysis of additional servers and services

Week One Agenda

  • Client meetings to gather requirements and get overview of business
  • Analyze proposed environment and compile recommendations
  • Create first draft of architecture blueprint
  • Review draft with client for approval

Week Two Agenda

  • Refine and present final architecture diagram and remaining deliverables
  • Discuss next steps and add-on services