Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Solution: 1-Month Implementation

Alpha Data LLC

1 Month paid Implementation for Enterprise customers to understand Ultra Low-Latency computing by enabling new scenarios with Azure, 5G and related partners

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) represents a significant opportunity to enable new use cases, drive new revenue, and leverage the power of distributed cloud computing.

Our Consulting Service includes:

• Ordering • Device & VNF Configuration • Solution deployment

Deliverables during the Service:

  1. Ordering: • Customer orders Azure Stack Edge (ASE) device directly from Microsoft or via Alpha Data • Device maintenance is between Customer and Microsoft / Alpha Data

  2. Device & VNF Configuration: • Registration of ASE to Azure Cloud and MEC service • Create Data Box Edge device as per the requirement from Azure portal • Installation and connectivity between ASE and other devices • Configuration of Azure IoT Hub Services for data ingestion and processing from the IoT Devices • Configuration of Azure ML Studio for data analytics

  3. Solution Deployment: • Site survey and site readiness for ASE installation • Racking & Stacking (if required) • Deployment architecture planning and design • Installation and connectivity between ASE and Microsoft Push to Talk (PTT) devices • Zero touch Provisioning, commissioning and configuration of VNF/CNFs from Azure for Operators • End to End Solution Integration • Design / Prepare IP connectivity & configuration towards EPC/5GC • IP connectivity of RAN site to Enterprise site / Edge Box • End to End functional testing of service • Network Ready / Service Live