Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Week Proof of Concept

Alpha Data LLC

Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop Environment as a Proof of Concept

Windows Virtual Desktop is an extensive cloud service for virtualizing desktops and applications. It offers a full desktop virtualization experience in the Cloud. The service focuses on simplified management and a new OS called Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session. Windows Virtual Desktop also supports optimizations for Office365 and support for RDS environments.

The service, that is ran in the Azure Cloud, offers a complete desktop virtualization that can be reached on any device. This includes Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS and HTML5 browsers.

Our POC includes:

• FitGap analysis for WVD readiness on existing Customer’s IT Infrastructure. • Setup of Azure subscriptions, Azure AD Connect and supporting identity and networking systems to ensure readiness for WVD • Create a custom Windows 10 multi-session image as per the requirement • Install Teams with AV Redirection media optimizations in WVD • FSLogix Profile Container as a profile delivery solution either with on-premise storage or Cloud storage. • Deliver and test WVD delivery to mobile, tablet, desktop, and web devices to confirm functionality. • Review ongoing management requirements and make recommendations

Deliverables in 1 Week Proof of Concept:

• Windows Virtual Desktop Environment • Host pool with App Groups • Customize Windows 10 multi-session Image • Integration with M365 Services with WVD • Teams Audio/Video redirection in WVD • User Profile Disk management using FSLogix