Cloud Adv. Integrated Security

Alpha Data LLC, Dubai

Cloud Advanced Integrated Security powered by Fortinet and Microsoft CAF

Assessment Phase 1 : This Phase mainly focuses on Performing the analysis and provide design recommendations.

Perform FitGap analysis on existing environment and provide a score report on the areas of Security, Networking, Identity and Access Management, Disaster Recovery and Backup.

Create HLD and LLD basing on the FitGap analysis and freeze the architecture post approvals.

Document the design recommendations and submit the Design proposal with recommended Cloud Adoption Framework(CAF)

Leveraging the Alpha Data’s highest level of Partnership with Security leader Fortinet, the Landing Zone Design is powered by Fortinet’s NGFW seamlessly integrating with Azure Security Centre to monitor and block the malicious threats.

Other additional Security and Networking components in the areas of Sandboxing, IPS/IDS, DDoS, GTM, LTM, WAF will also be recommended by Alpha Data Expert Team basing on the FitGap analysis.

Create and Deploy - Phase 2 : The Deploy phase is where the recommendations are brought into reality.

Setup Azure Tenant and create Azure Subscriptions.

Deploy readily available Governance Templates for Resources Groups, Azure Blueprints, policies etc.

Deploy Network connectivity with S2S/ExpressRoute

Create Network and Security Perimeter with FortiGate NGFW powered by Fortinet

Create/Deploy and Configure complete CAF model Landing Zone as per LLD.

Migrate - Phase 3: This Phase focuses on Migration of Workloads to Azure irrespective of Platform the Services are hosted in

Create Azure Migrate project and initiate Migration assessment

Provide support for Non-SAP workload migration irrespective of any source platform where Application/VM/Server is hosted.

Alpha Data leverages extensive migration experience using Azure Native tools as well 3rd party Migration and DR tools to migrate the VMs which can either be hosted on Bare Metal, OpenStack, Hyper-V, Vmware, AWS, Oracle Cloud, KVM, Nutanix etc.