MVP AKS cluster provision: 1-Wk Implementation


Get a production-grade Kubernetes cluster integrated with key components to understand how it works and if it satisfies your functional, usability, performance, and compliance requirements
With the production-grade MVP, customers obtain fast access to a Kubernetes-based platform with the essential components incorporated in it ### Activities * Technical sessions with the customer’s team to discuss the deployment blueprint and help assess its suitability * Modify the solution’s documentation on demand * Provision an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster, integrated with common production services * Conduct a demo and a knowledge transfer session for the customer ### Deliverables * A Kubernetes cluster, delivered as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), and integrated with common services and taking into account common functional, security, and other requirements * Knowledge transfer by consultant and documentation ### Outcomes * Interviews and requirements documentation are used to refine the requirements in relation to Kubernetes * Kubernetes cluster is created and configured with integration and basic support for authentication, authorization, capacity planning, availability, monitoring and alerting, and logging * Documents and instructions that cover the Kubernetes cluster and the created Kubernetes objects ### Target Audience * Developers * Operators ### Platform Azure ### Practices * Technical Sessions ### Delivery Tools * Video conferencing * Real-time chat