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Machine Learning Frameworks: 3-Day Workshop


Engineers at Altoros will provide insights into under-the-hood mechanisms of popular machine learning frameworks— e.g., TensorFlow, Caffe2, Deeplearning4j, PyTorch, and Keras.

Deep Dive Into Machine Learning Frameworks. A theoretical introduction is followed by hands-on practical sessions, where attendees learn how to build and train models of their own.


1) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: * Concepts of Expert Systems, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. * Machine Learning by tasks and applications. * Over-fitting and model quality control. * Model types: linear, metric, tree-based, neural networks. Pros and Cons, model type selection guide. 2) Microsoft Cognitive Services. 3) Deep Learning under the hood: * Popularity phenomena, GPUs and distributed computing power. * Technicalities: gradient descent and back-propagation, activation functions, initialization, learning control, regularization, data augmentation. * Neural Network architectures. 4) Transfer learning with the state-of-art Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks.

Since 2013, Altoros has designed and delivered more than 40 on and offsite training sessions to enterprise customers in healthcare, finance, entertainment, and other industries.

$9,000 per onsite team training. The pricing applies to teams (10 attendees max).