AppTX on AKS: 6-Wk Implementation


Transform legacy apps to accelerate your cloud-native journey and go fast forever
### Activities * Analyze application portfolio * Evaluate all system modules and components to identify which of them will benefit the most from migration * Develop migration strategy (re-host, re-architect, re-platform) * Configure environment * Containerize, deploy and configure applications * Automate replatforming * Verify that the component’s behave as planned and expected, conduct fine-tuning ### Deliverables * Project scope definition; productive project engagement * Prioritized list of applications to migrate * Rapid definition and deep dive of system activities * Understand the deployment process - time, cost and steps * Implemented continuous delivery process * Domain Model * Refactor modules to optimize performance on cloud * Increase rate of change for applications ### Outcomes * A migration plan based on a real use case * Legacy apps running on the platform * A cloud-native platform to automate and host apps * Best practices documented to be used in other migration steps * Guidance on next steps * Valuable experience gained by the team working on the project ### Platform AKS ### Target Audience * Architects * Operators * DevOps engineers