Custom Kubernetes Deep Dive: 4-Day Workshop


Address the Kubernetes skills gap to accelerate change and make your cloud-native projects successful
This four-day Kubernetes training introduces students to both basic and advanced Kubernetes topics. You will learn how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster using kops, how to store configuration in ConfigMaps, as well as gain an understanding of internals behind cluster networking. The fourth day is a deep dive into Kubernetes internals including kubelet, API server, scheduling algorithm and networking. ### Deliverables * Understanding of how Kubernetes handles container-based distributed workloads * Practical skills required to spin up a Kubernetes cluster (including Azure AKS cluster) * Experience required to successfully operate and manage fault-tolerant Kubernetes clusters * Cluster security guidance * Hands-on learning deploying and managing multi-tier applications * Training materials, including slides and workshop examples ### Outcomes * Obtain advanced k8s platform knowledge * Obtain k8s architecture understanding * Understand k8s-related tooling * Architects, Operators, and DevOps engineers prepared for Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam ### Delivery Format * Classroom * Hands-on * Instructor-led ### Target Audience * Architects * Operators * DevOps engineers ### Trainer-Trainee Ratio * 1:10 ### Delivery Method * Onsite ### Brief Training Agenda ● Day 01: Containers and basic Kubernetes objects ● Day 02: Advanced Kubernetes objects ● Day 03: Third-party tools and services ● Day 04: Cluster management, security and networking