CI/CD on Azure: 2-Wk Implementation


Automate the deployment and updates of your cloud-native platform clusters. Push applications in a standardized and automated way.


Assess and adapt existing or create new: ● Continuous delivery pipelines to provision and maintain AKS ● Continuous integration pipelines for container image creation and management. ● Continuous delivery pipelines to deploy applications to AKS


● Best practices, education/enablement ● Pipelines written for the customer’s choice of CI/CD products ● Pipelines to automate end-to-end platform provisioning and management ● Platforms to automate creation of container images, including application testing and image vulnerability scanning ● Pipelines to automate the deployment, testing, and rollback of applications ● Documentation


● Faster and more consistent platform and application deployments ● Improved application reliability and security through automated testing ● Reduce errors introduced by manual processes ● Improve ability to reproduce the platform and services in the event of a disaster or when scaling to other regions ● Fewer people to maintain the platform

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Operators




  • Whiteboard Sessions
  • Q&A Sessions
  • App Architecture Workshops