Amidas Sentinel Implementation - 10 days Service

Amidas Hong Kong Limited

Provide a highly competitive and compelling service that addresses your most pressing business and operational needs.

This Managed Sentinel Implementation Service would empower your organization to develop modern Security Operations and Cyber Threat detection/response capability. This Service will focus on deploying Azure Sentinel SIEM on Azure environment and integrate with different security components to gain visibility into your security posture.


• Kick off meeting • Arrange Workshop to Review current customer infrastructure, pre-requisite and access existing log sources to be included in Sentinel deployment • Assist customer on Azure log volume and cost planning • Assist customer to provision Azure Sentinel Cloud instance • Integrate up to two (2) types of log sources on Cloud and one (1) types of log sources in on-premise environment • Setup up to five (5) alert rules based on built in template • One (1) time Sentinel alerts review and fine tuning • Configure up to two (2) Sentinel Playbooks with built in template • User Acceptance Test • Half day Skill Transfer with customer

About Amidas: Amidas is a Microsoft Certified Specialize Partner focus on Microsoft 365, Security and Compliance, Microsoft WVD, providing a breadth of knowledge and expertise in Microsoft solution. The team at Amidas consists of project managers, system analysts, network analysts, qualified trainers and engineers, with no less than 10 years of industry experience and impressive list of certifications and qualifications. Additionally, we help customers protect their infrastructure, information, and interactions by delivering software, hardware and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance, and performance.