Ecommerce Acceleration - 2 Week Assessment


Amido’s Ecommerce Acceleration Assessment is specifically designed to help organisations scale with Azure to meet unprecedented demand, quickly, and in such a way as to minimise business risk.

Amido has the proven ability to quickly and consistently deliver scalable, reliable and innovative technology solutions in Microsoft Azure for clients experiencing spikes in demand across a whole range of industries and for a whole host of reasons.

This Assessment is for any organisation interested in scaling its digital capabilities for growth, and/or achieve increased efficiencies.

Note: Because different organisations will be after very different advice and guidance (covering, for example, identify management, infrastructure and security, technology architecture and organisational design) this Assessment can be customised to focus on the most important areas for any specific client.

Business Outcomes By the end of the assessment the client will have the recommendations it needs to make improvements in the short, medium and long-term:

Short-term: A prioritised list of tactical, actionable work items that will enable it to make improvements to its ecommerce platform as quickly as possible, based on existing technology capabilities, to provide stability and support sustained (and sometimes spiky) loads.

Medium-term: A further list of other (early-stage strategic) actionable work items to enhance performance in the medium-term, that might require the client to invest in and/or expand its technology capabilities.

Long-term: A draft target solution design to guide the strategic future development of the ecommerce platform, alongside recommendations to take the client from the current state to that future target solution in Microsoft Azure.