Predictive Marketing Analytics with CustomerAI: 4 Week Implementation


CustomerAI, a customer 360 solution helps you understand, engage, and retain valuable customers and win more business.

CustomerAI, powered by Azure Databricks, is a statistical and predictive analytics solution developed by Anblicks. It helps business leaders to understand, engage, and retain their valuable customers by enabling them to determine who are the right customers to target, what content will most influence them, and when they are most receptive to offers.

CustomerAI is built on a modern data platform that includes Azure Data Factory for data integration, Azure Databricks for data storage, analytics, machine learning, and PowerBI for interactive visualizations and business intelligence.

CustomerAI Use Cases:

  • RFM Analysis -Target customers to Increase Share of Wallet (SOW) -Marketing strategies for first-time buyers -Retention strategies for lost customers

  • Customer Segmentation -Understand your target market -Market to receptive prospects -Optimize conversions

  • Recommendations -Data-driven personalization -Higher engagement and conversion rates -New opportunities for promotion, persuasion, and profitability

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) -Quantify the future value -Early warning signs to detect defection rate -Helps budget division between retention and acquisition

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) -Measure the likelihood of repeat business -Enhance the customer experience over time -Churn Prediction and retention

  • Product Net Promoter Score -Indicator and driver of future growth of the products -Measure the effectiveness of product marketing -Helps drive loyalty programs

CustomerAI can benefit a range of industries, including:

  • Retail & CPG: Offer highly targeted promotions
  • BFSI: Alert customers to potentially fraudulent purchases & offer money-saving bundled packages
  • Healthcare: Craft personalized wellness plans with incentives

Customer Benefits:

  • Cost savings 30% with targeted marketing
  • Retaining valuable customers leads to higher profits
  • Increase share of wallet(SOW) by 12%
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 20%