Azure Data Pipeline Provisioning & Setup - 4 Week Implementation


Anblicks Azure certified professionals help you understand your business objectives, select your data sources, destinations with end-to-end CI/CD practices for life cycle of Data Platform.

Leverage our Azure Data Pipeline Provisioning & Setup services to modernize the data platform development life cycle by incorporating continuous delivery, agile development, and operational best practices into the process. We'll also assist you with connecting to practically all popular data tools, such as databases, BI tools, and analytic tools.

Maintain efficiency and concentration in your core business while automating infrastructure and application delivery, increasing productivity, and reducing expenses.


  • Collecting data from multiple data sources
  • Standardization of Data Pipeline flow
  • Increase data & scalability issues
  • Flexibility & error monitoring
  • Higher maintenance risk
  • Key Deliverables

  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure/Service provisioning using Infrastructure As A Code
  • Setup Blob Storage and Data Lake v2
  • ADF Integration Runtime
  • ADLS with Storage Accounts
  • ADF with IR Agent (Since data from On-prem needs to be copied) - IR Agent installation on the Server would be a manual step
  • ADF pipeline, triggers, Link services, Integration runtime, and data from one environment to other (i.e from dev to qa to prod)
  • Linked ADF to ADLS, ODBC, FileShare. FTP and many more resources.
  • Power BI
  • Managed SQL Servers on Azure
  • Benefits

  • Faster timeline for integrating new data sources
  • Confidence in data quality
  • Flexibility to changes in the sources or user needs
  • Enable quick data analysis for business insights
  • Building data pipelines for your firm can be a fascinating engineering task. It takes dedicated technical resources to keep data flowing while staying on top of new technologies that can keep up with the speed and diversity of data growth. Most businesses would want to have their engineering teams focused solely on their product rather than dealing with continuous data infrastructure upkeep. If that describes you, you should leverage Anblicks and benefit from all of the lessons we've learned the hard way over the last few years.