Data Hub implementation four weeks


Anchormen Data Hub is a powerful and innovative Cloud Data platform for companies to become data-driven, accelerate data strategies and get meaningful insights.

Companies handle large volumes of data, but miss the ability to do advanced analytics and predictions with (real-time) data from multiple, internal and external sources. Anchormen Data Hub is an innovative solution that combines all kinds of data and data sources into a powerful, agile and cost-effective platform to enable diverse business cases and companies to become data-driven. It accelerates your data project up to 8 times faster and gives business insights and meaningful results in the shortest period of time. Benefit from our data expertise and the solid cloud foundation to combine data and information from multiple sources.

The architecture of the Data Hub is based on Azure reference architectures and our best practices to ensure a cost-effective, secure, scalable and manageable infrastructure. After the short implementation time, the Data Hub is immediately ready to define the first use cases and deliver results and insights for the business. The Data Hub Foundation focuses on batch wise processing of data using Data Lake Storage gen2, Data Factory and Databricks. In addition we offer extensions for BI, IoT/Streaming and smart applications (containerization). It is secure, built to scale and cost-effective. Besides the selection and configuration of Azure services our consultancy includes:

  1. Security by design on network, service and data level
  2. Integration with existing networks
  3. Logging and monitoring
  4. Full day training for data-professionals on Data Hub usage
  5. Best practices on data architecture, privacy and usage of Azure services (i.e. templates, examples, Git / DevOps setup)
  6. Optionally support data-professionals with the first use-case implementation
  7. Hand over to IT or provide continuous support