Migrating workloads to Azure: 4-week assessment

AND Digital

Receive a personalised roadmap for migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure and benefit from Agile ways of working.

We work with you to define the best approach to your cloud needs using Microsoft Azure, bringing choice and options for future state operations.

We’ll help you to choose and embed the right foundational Microsoft Azure technologies and tools that will allow you to automate, be secure, and scale more effectively. The result of this is greater efficiency, with a reduced cost profile and happier, more engaged developers.

A key part of our mindset and approach is to equip our clients to be independent and future-optimised, as part of that we engineer cloud platforms alongside your team so that you have the means of building, deploying, and operating your Azure infrastructure.


  • Agile artefacts: backlog of work items for sprint zero and decisions on tooling
  • Definition of Agile roles: i.e. Product Owner, Scrum Master etc.
  • Training plan: i.e. Agile coaching and pair programming
  • Bespoke migration strategy: inc. tech stack and project timeline


Week 1: Understanding your existing solution, how it works, who uses it, and its connectivity to existing systems.

Week 2: Exploring your business processes, identifying any potential operational bottlenecks, and ascertaining whether there any regulatory requirements, i.e. SOC, PCI-DSS etc.

Week 3: Meeting your existing team, discovering the non-technical goals of the migration, i.e. agile ways of working, operational efficiencies etc.

Week 4: Proposal of the migration strategy, including recommendations as to which technologies would best fit the solution: lift and shift infrastructure, migrate to AKS, Azure App Services etc.

Actual pricing will depend upon individual client requirements. Detailed pricing is available upon application.