Your Journey to Cloud: 1-hour virtual briefing

AND Digital

Receive a personalised briefing on what you need to consider and how to set your organisation up for success when migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure.

The briefing will provide you with the fundamental knowledge required to start defining the best approach to your cloud needs using Microsoft Azure, bringing choice and options for future state operations.

Delivered by one of AND Digital’s Cloud Architects or Tech Principals, this briefing is aimed at business leaders who want to gain technical insights into cloud migration without being overwhelmed by technical details. Ultimately leading to an understanding of the benefits that cloud migration brings to an organisation.

With AND Digital's expertise and guidance, you can feel confident in your ability to navigate the journey to the cloud and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure technologies.


  • Understanding of the key considerations and challenges pertaining to cloud migration.
  • Awareness of best practices for selecting and implementing cloud solutions to deliver specific business outcomes.
  • Guidance on follow-up questions to ask and next steps to take.