Well-Architected Review of your Azure Infrastructure: 2-day assessment

AND Digital

Receive a personalised review of your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure delivered in line with the best practice approach defined by the Well-Architected Framework.

The review will provide you with the insights required to optimise your cloud costs, improve security and performance, and accelerate innovation in relation to your Microsoft Azure estate.

Delivered by one of AND Digital’s Cloud Architects, this review is aimed at organisations that wish to align their technical approach with improved business outcomes. Your estate will be evaluated against five pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimisation.

With AND Digital's expertise and guidance, you can feel confident in your ability to design workloads for operational excellence, leverage the full suite of Azure security features, ensure resilience and adapt to changes in demand, and achieve efficient performance whilst optimising your costs.


  • Optimised Workloads: Identifying opportunities to optimise and architect or re-architect workloads to run more efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively.
  • Reduced Risk and Improved Security: Reduction and mitigation of risks through a better understanding as you build, migrate or optimise your current architectures.
  • Greater Consistency: Being consistent with your policies, processes and procedures drives efficiency. A solid and reliable infrastructure allows you to build and deploy applications faster.
  • Acceleration through Innovation: Discovering new Azure services that help you to build and deploy workloads, and respond faster to opportunities to innovate.


  • Preparation: We will help you to identify workloads to be reviewed, prepare the relevant data, and arrange conversations with appropriate stakeholder(s) within your organisation.
  • Review: We will conduct all review elements as outlined in the preparation stage, with opportunities for additional informal sessions to clarify any points that may arise.
  • Report: A report will be produced highlighting how best to align workloads with Azure best practices. A plan detailing actions for remediation will also be provided.
  • Remediation: We will work with you to prioritise any High Risk Issues and develop an action plan to carry out the necessary remediations. This will include formulating a backlog of work for completion.

Actual pricing will depend upon individual client requirements. Detailed pricing is available upon application.