Architecture Modernization: 3 week workshop


Modernize your Enterprise Architecture strategy today using microservices and event-driven approaches to finally let your IT architecture work for you, not against you.

You know your business needs to streamline its processes and produce smarter and simpler applications but you struggle with getting it done due to legacy business and technology architectures. We call this "being stuck in digital transformation quicksand.": It's a result of the huge dichotomy between today's business demand and the ways in which enterprise systems were traditionally built.

A modern, event-driven, Enterprise Architecture offers improved performance, security, efficiency, agility, and data quality—all while reducing cost. Anexinet can help you leverage the latest Azure platforms to achieve these goals, bringing to the table our real-world expertise in architecting microservice and event-driven solutions in our 3 week workshop.

Direction Setting (Week 1):

We lead you through a robust ideation process that brings together your current state architecture and strategies, business drivers, and challenges. We work with your business and IT stakeholders to determine a prioritized list of requirements based on business value, organizational readiness and ease of implementation.

Create the Architecture Vision (Week 2):

Next we focus on creating a future state vision, powered by the capabilities of Microsoft Azure to unlock your architecture. We can guide you in using API Management and Service Fabric to put you on the road to a true microservices solution as well as showing you how to use Event Grid and Logic Functions to create a high-scale message-driven platform.

Roadmap & Implementation Plan (Week 3):

Lastly, we craft a detailed, phased roadmap for turning your architecture vision into a reality. This implementation plan will identify quick wins to help your get started with these core Azure platforms to transform your architecture.


• Prioritized Summary Key Business Drivers and Initiatives • Future State Architecture Vision • Phased Architecture Roadmap • Full executive summary that you can use to sell the vision