Cloud Foundation Assessment: 6 Wk Assessment


35% of cloud spend is wasted according to studies. Optimize before you migrate to the cloud to ensure the most cost-effective solution that maximizes throughput and availability.

When considering moving to the cloud, there are many questions that are not easily answered. Working with Anglepoint on a 6 week engagement, we can help you answer those questions including:

Are our servers ready to migrate? Which servers should I migrate? How much cloud do I need to buy?


Weeks 1-2 – Data Collection Inventory of server infrastructure Collection of server utilization metrics

Weeks 3-4 – Infrastructure Analysis Categorize workloads, such as identifying non-production Produce Azure VM sizing, preliminary modernization opportunities, and cost savings analysis

Weeks 5-6 – Presentation of findings Azure readiness assessment Optimal workloads for migration Cost savings breakdown High level infrastructure insights

Deliverables: Server Inventory Report, including hardware, OS, and software attributes Azure VM Migration Report, including server utilization metrics, Azure readiness, optimized Azure sizing, and cost savings analysis (lift and shift vs right-sized)