Digital Connectivity Check: 2 Week Assessment

ANS Group Limited

ANS deliver Azure ExpressRoute together with our Fortinet SD-WAN capability through our Connectivity Check assessment.

If you are an Enterprise or Public Sector organisation taking your first steps to Cloud or have Cloud already but want to get more out of your service, ANS has the pedigree to deliver your requirements.

Before you can reap the benefits of cloud, you need to assess whether you have a network capable of handling increased data traffic between your network and Cloud service providers like Microsoft. Our connectivity check is a 2 week assessment carried out by an ANS Solution Architect. It has been designed to help you validate your current network and what is required to be able to deliver ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN connectivity. The output of the assessment will be a report detailing the required changes to your network architecture to allow access to Microsoft services. We provide a free report based on

  1. Architecture
  2. Security
  3. Efficiency (both financial cost & operational efficiency)
  4. Technical strategy
  5. Business Continuity and Risk

We are a Fortinet partner, providing SD-WAN and AI-WAN capabilities. We can discuss adding Network appliances to your Cloud environment using Fortigate using Microsoft recommended blueprint designs that are simple to deploy.

Why ANS • 20+ Years networking and security experience • UK’s 1st Microsoft Azure Networking MSP • Software Defined by default • Cloud oriented virtual network operator with UK and Global network suppliers • Zero CapEx, pay as you go pricing available