CloudStart CAF Landing Zone: 4-Wk Implementation

ANS Group Limited

CloudStart provides a CAF aligned configuration of a production ready Azure platform that assures security, configuration and efficiency with hybrid integration. 4 weeks.

Want to get up and running in cloud quickly, efficiently and securely? Our CloudStart framework lets you do just that. Cloud Start is perfectly aligned to suit your operational needs and best practices, so whether you’re planning a migration into the cloud or trying to understand how your customers or users could engage with a ChatBot – our cloud gurus are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Cloud Start provides clients with an end-to-end configuration and setup of the Azure Cloud Platform. The service delivers a production ready and CAF Aligned Azure platform that assures security, configuration and efficiency with hybrid integration for common elements such as network, identity and operational tooling.

We break the Start Framework down into three key focus areas to guarantee you end-to-end coverage and to ensure all your burning questions and concerns are addressed, so that you can prepare to migrate with full confidence.

CORE CONFIGURATION Our cloud solution architects will guide you through all the key decisions needed to build and configure your cloud platform, ensuring you don’t make any decisions that could negatively impact you further down the line (no one wants that!)

MANAGEMENT TOOLING & INTEGRATION We’ll help you understand which existing tools can be used along with the additional tooling you’ll need. We will overlay a management and integration layer across the platform to give you a comprehensive operational capability that aligns to your organisation’s needs.

SERVICE ARCHITECTURE We’ll develop a comprehensive service architecture based on your desired target operating model, starting with the operations for the core platform. Your cloud solution architect will then guide you through the key processes and requirements to manage the platform effectively.