Digital Connectivity Check Free 1 Day Workshop

ANS Group Limited

A free workshop to understand the suitability of your networking and security foundations for supporting Azure cloud and digital services.

The workshop will provide an analysis of the efficiency, existing architecture, risk and operating model for your environment and the suitability of the networking and security platform to support the adoption and consumption of Microsoft Azure cloud and digital services.

Business – Understand the business outcomes and strategy, how that affects the current architecture and what is required to support the strategy in the future.

Efficiency – Provides a commercial and performance analysis of your existing estate. The objective is to compare your current financial model versus the going market rates and review the consumption of connectivity against the performance required by the business.

Architecture – Review the current architecture against a best practice cloud and digital connectivity blueprint.

Risk – Highlight the risks associated with loss of connectivity to the business and what impact that has when transitioning to the cloud.

Operating Model – Analyse the current operating model and understand if there are ways to improve the service and operational management.

The output will be a half or full day workshop with you to move through the topics highlight above and produce a summary findings document with recommendations.

The objective of this workshop is to ensure that you understand the digital connectivity specifics required to support a cloud and digital transformation programme.