Azure Arc PoC Accelerator delivered in 4 weeks

ANS Group Limited

Azure Arc Proof of Concept Accelerator designed to enable customers to support a hybrid cloud environment using Azure Management capabilities

The Azure Arc Accelerator is designed to enable customers to support a hybrid cloud environment using Azure Management capabilities. The Accelerator is focused on the Azure Arc technology and best practice architecture, creating the foundation to fully adopt a cloud-based management platform.

Once your Accelerator has been deployed, customers will have a fully functioning Azure ARC platform built to best practice ready for them to start managing their hybrid security posture needs. This Accelerator ensures best practice is achieved across security, architecture and governance, providing full visibility end-to-end across the Azure management platform. The Azure Arc Accelerator is designed for organisations who have a highly distributed and multi-cloud environment and want to work with Microsoft Azure's best-in-class services.

Customers will receive:

Pre-defined Deployment – ANS will deliver a fully functioning Azure Arc platform ready for extending Azure management capabilities to multi-cloud environment. This can either be for a PoC / proof of value or at an enterprise scale. This includes identities, security, monitoring, auditing & logging.

DevOps focused – ANS deliver this Accelerator with infrastructure as code allowing the future possibility for agile iteration using DevOps, be that PoC to production or another environment for the enterprise scale version.

Funding Orientated - ANS will nominate the customer’s business to receive the appropriate funding from Microsoft to drive a cost neutral engagement and drive value for money.

Multi-Workload - ANS will assist in providing the Azure Arc deployment to multiple environments to ensure 'real world' scenarios and scopes, driving relevancy and efficiencies.