Azure Data Services Accelerator 4wk implementation

ANS Group Limited

A production ready Azure based analytics platform, delivered within weeks - enabling you to make better business decisions, faster.

ANS’s Azure Data Services Accelerator is an accelerated route to achieving your defined business outcome, as uncovered during the pre-assessment solution stage, utilizing Azure services such as Azure Data Lake and Power BI. ANS will deploy a bespoke Azure Data Platform. This will utilize data from your existing and externally available sources, which are visualized through a Power BI dashboard, built to meet your specific needs.

By engaging ANS to deliver the Data Platform accelerator, you will benefit from discovering trustworthy trend analysis by leveraging your own data, with the help and support of excellent data scientists.

Agenda: Cloud platform and Landing Zone configuration (Optional*) Data Platform Provision Data asset Tagging and Back-up Policy creation Dashboard creation & analysis Advanced analytics with Azure Synapse/ Purview integration

*A Landing Zone may already be in place and removed from scope.

ANS will provide an estimate of Azure consumption costs as part of the Statement of Work.