OEA National Database


This 12 week implementation of the OEA framework will provide a central view and comparison across national education data such as NAPLAN

Open Education Analytics (OEA) is a Microsoft led initiative designed to help education organisations leverage advanced analytics without the complexity and high costs of traditional approaches. It comprises of a set of defined processes and an open-source, modern data framework built on Microsoft Azure Synapse. Some advantages of OEA are as follows:

 •	Accelerated deployment using data pipeline and code templates
 •	International Community of education users collaborating to develop –
      o	Personalised Learning Pathways 
      o	State and National Reporting
      o	Open data for research and evaluation 
      o	Prediction of at-risk students 
 •	Open-Source sharing of enhancements to the framework 

This implementation will:

  • Establish the base OEA Framework on Azure,
  • Take a set of pre-determined national education datasets and present this information in a central dashboard.

Once the OEA base is setup, it enables a streamlined process for adding further education data sources and dashboards.

Our solution is built on Microsoft Azure. This will guarantee the security and governance of your data and leverage existing Microsoft investments. If managing a group of schools, it will also ensure they are all working with the same processes and systems so everything is in harmony.

The outcomes from the OEA National Data Implementation are:

 •	Base OEA Framework established on Microsoft Azure
 •	Connected to National Education Data Sources – NAPLAN, ACER/PAT,
 •	Ingestion of Student Data including Demographics, NAPLAN, ACER and A-E
 •	Dashboard showing single student or school level comparison to national averages 

Please note, pricing is an estimate and will be dependent on specific implementation requirements and timelines.