OEA Proof of Concept


This service is a proof of concept for Microsofts OEA (Open Education Analytics) platform

Open Education Analytics (OEA) is a Microsoft led initiative designed to help education organisations leverage advanced analytics without the complexity and high costs of traditional approaches. It comprises of a set of defined processes and an open-source, modern data framework built on Microsoft Azure Synapse. Some advantages of OEA are as follows:

 •	Accelerated deployment using data pipeline and code templates
 •	International Community of education users collaborating to develop –
      o	Personalised Learning Pathways 
      o	State and National Reporting
      o	Open data for research and evaluation 
      o	Prediction of at-risk students 
 •	Open-Source sharing of enhancements to the framework 

This implementation will establish the base OEA Framework on Azure with school attendance, demographic and academic results data and provide a central dashboard that highlights at-risk students.

  • The dashboard will provide a view to teachers and school administrators into which type of students are at most risk and what factors contribute to that risk.
  • Once the OEA Framework is established, it enables a streamlined process for adding further data sources and dashboards.

The outcomes from this OEA implementation are:

 •	Base OEA Framework established on Microsoft Azure
 •	Ingestion / Connection to internal student data, including attendance, academic and demographic data
 •	Dashboard highlighting at-risk factors and students 

Our solution is built on Microsoft Azure. This will guarantee the security and governance of your data and leverage existing Microsoft investments. If managing a group of schools, it will also ensure they are all working with the same processes and systems so everything is in harmony.