Digital Wayfinding For Ports / 5-Days Proof of Concept

Anya Consultancy Services Limited

Let us help you walk with every passenger to make it a personalized experience every time.

Wayfinding is about connecting passengers with the resources they need, in a reliable, repeatable, and accessible way. Let us help you do that for your Passengers!

What is digital way-finding, and how do we see it?

The purpose of any wayfinding solution is to help people understand the space they are in. That means it’s not just about getting around unfamiliar layout, Wayfinding is also about connecting people with the resources and services they need, in a reliable, repeatable, and accessible way.

The challenge is not new but the technology that enables it is constantly evolving and getting better. ACS focuses on Wayfinding solutions for ports and terminals and delivers capability for improved experience for passengers, floor managers, crew and administrative staff. 

ACS will bring you an end to end service, whether it is targeted for passengers and their wellbeing only, or beyond to deliver a range of services that links them to services that bring you revenue, in the terminal, or on ship.

Our Deliverables

  • Gartner Insight to set a benchmark
  • Proof of Concept definition document
  • RAID and GAP Analysis
  • Cost Analysis based on Azure, ML and IoT
  • Customized Road-Map for YOU 😊

We offer a complete business management process starting with requirements and explaining how that can be achieved through a digital wayfinding solution on Azure.

Our solution incorporates the competitive advantages that come with Azure Machine Learning and Platform as a Service including:

  • Spell check
  • Autocompletion
  • Tagging parts of speech
  • 60+ languages which are not in any other cloud services and 
  • Its cost-effectiveness

With Azure, your business process will become: 

  1. Sustainable and interactive
  2. Scalable horizontally and vertically

Our objective is to give you a cost-effective way of deciding if a Wayfinding solution is for you. 

The engagement will remain open for five working days with an interval day.

Day 1- 2: Gartner Insight, available possibilities and requirements. 

Day 3: RAID and GAP Analysis of available tools based on Azure. 

Interval for one day wherein our dedicated research and development team will prepare two options for you. 

  1. Smart replacement with existing features + any special requirement
  2. Smart replacement with add-ons   

Day 4: Both plans will be shared in support of architecture and support

  • Azure based platform
  • Accurate location awareness capabilities
  • Navigation and way-finding
  • Various integration options
  • Branding, industry themes & features
  • Ads and Promotions engine
  • Functions on Android and iOS
  • Closed communication gaps
  • Accurate Reports & Analytics

Day 5: A full day for your feedback and discussions on associated competitive financial and non-financial advantages. 

Post the 5 days we will deliver the POC, definition, cost analysis and road map for you to decide if Wayfinding is the way forward for your organisation.