Secure Remote Work Workshop 1-Day


The Secure Remote Work Workshop will cover different technologies like Azure AD App Proxy, AlwaysOn VPN using Azure VPN Gateway, Application modernization, introduction to WVD for legacy apps and more

The Secure Remote Work Workshop was released in response to COVID-19 to enable you to deliver rapid deployment and adoption engagements to maintain business continuity for your customers. Use this workshop to help empower customers to stay connected, while maintaining security and control.

The Secure Remote Work Workshop is intended to be delivered as a one-day engagement that includes:

  • Understanding end-user workloads to be enabled or optimized for remote work.
  • Evaluating options and implications to enable remote work scenarios.
  • Developing joint deployment plans and recommended next steps.

Workshop leverages the following Azure services: Azure Active Directory, Azure Networking, Azure Virtual Machines and more.