Azure Virtual Desktop Masterclass Workshop 2-day


Become a master of Azure Virtual Desktop. Learn from some of the most knowledgeable Azure Virtual Desktop experts in Denmark

A two-day masterclass workshop focused on Azure Virtual Desktop including Azure networking, Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Security. Become a master of Azure Virtual Desktop. Learn from some of the most knowledgable in Denmark on Azure Virtual Desktop. APENTO WVD experts have deployed WVD solutions supporting from 25-1.000+ of users.

First day

  • Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Review of WVD technology
  • Pricing and licensing requirements
  • Azure virtual network
    • Azure Network Security Groups
    • Azure Virtual network gateway (VPN), DNS, Domain join, etc.
  • Choosing the right Azure virtual machines (Seizing)
  • Security of Azure Virtual Desktop (Azure Conditional Access)

  • Creating the "Golden Image" and rolling out the first Azure Virtual Desktop environment.
    • Deploying Azure Virtual Machines
    • Review of Windows 10 multi-session.
    • Pooled / Personnel (Session Host, VDI).
    • Review of the differences between Persistent / Non-Persistent VDIs.
    • Installing Azure Virtual Desktop In Azure subscription.
    • Installing programs.
    • MSI vs. MSIX app attach.
    • Azure Files

Second day

  • Azure Virtual Desktop Administration
    • Host pool management
    • Application management.
    • Managing user sessions (Notification, session life, etc.).
    • Automation and scaling of Azure Virtual Desktop.
    • Introduction to FSLogix

  • Review of “Best Practices”
    • Performance test.
    • Challenges with latency.
    • Conclusion (Discussion/debate about Azure Virtual Desktop)