APN FortiGate solutions in Azure 5 days POC


PoC of implementation of the Fortigate solution in the Azure infrastructure

The subject of the PoC is the implementation of the Fortigate solution in the Azure infrastructure, which will ensure the same level of security and control in the network compared to the on-premise infrastructure. As part of PoC, the recommended architecture for implementing Fortinet solutions in the Azure environment will be delivered, in the next step a test implementation will be carried out with elements of integration with the on-premise infrastructure. The project will end with hybrid architecture tests and the development of recommendations and a development map for the client.

The pilot implementation is especially recommended for organizations that have Fortinet solutions in their on-prem infrastructure, thanks to which they will be able to ensure the same level of security and thus freely migrate data from local servers to the cloud.

The result of implementing the solution will be a coherent security system distributed between the on-premise infrastructure and the computing cloud. The added value will be the integration of components running in two environments at the level of configuration management and central reporting.

Scope of work of the service:

  • On-premise and Azure analysis [1 Day]
  • Development of the solution architecture [1 Day]
  • Implementation of the FortiGate solution in the Azure infrastructure [1 Day]
  • Integration of the solution with the on-premise infrastructure [2 Days]
  • Functional tests of the hybrid solution [1 Day]
  • Final PoC report with recommendations [1 Day]