Azure rapid IoT prototyping POC

Apollogic sp. z o.o.

Create your own IoT device connected to Azure to automate business processes and provide cost-effective and fast feedback for your project

Rapid IoT Prototyping with usage of Azure IoT services is the best way to quickly:

test your innovative ideas automate manual processes within your organization transform your business digitally
use the full potential of world`s leading cloud provider

Within a few weeks, your business will receive a physical electronic prototype connected to Microsoft Azure IoT services and start benefiting from newly developed, smart solution with the usage of IoT and AI.

Connecting your IoT devices to Azure cloud means:

Access to IoT data in real-time Complex analytics with the usage of BI and AI services Full scalability
Shorten development time thanks to out-of-the-box cloud services
Highest security standards

Our offer consists of:

  1. Workshops We start our meetings by analyzing your IoT idea and preparing a strategy with a detailed schedule. 1-2 days

  2. Idea of the project We demonstrate a concept of an IoT prototype including technologies, elements and functions that need to be implemented. The concept includes the architecture of the PoC together with the physical device as well as Azure cloud elements. 2-5 days

  3. First Mockups We’ll present the mockups of the web/mobile app hosted on Azure cloud, based on proven user experience design along with the hardware. 4-10 days

  4. Development We build the prototype using Agile methodology so you can influence the final shape of the solution on each step of the development process. 3-5 weeks

  5. Tests We conduct tests and check if the prototype meets your specific needs and works properly. 5-10 days

We design and create IoT prototypes and end-to-end cloud solutions for companies of all sizes and across all industries. Whether you want to prepare an end-to-end product for your customers, develop a new version of the product or implement an IoT solution that can increase processes efficiency in your company, we will build a PoC prototype tailored to your needs.