App Modernization: Assessment


Modernize your outdated and legacy applications and bring technological advancement using Azure Cloud Computing.

Are you struggling to upgrade your traditional applications and databases? Is legacy application limiting your business agility? Are you having hard time maintaining your outdated Applications? There are many ways to modernize your applications, from integrating existing systems with APIs to doing a full rip-and-replace of infrastructure and building an entirely new application architecture with cloud computing. However, many businesses see Application Modernization as an overwhelming and needlessly complex process, causing them to miss out on the benefits it offers.

We at Applab believe that by taking advantage of the Azure Cloud technology and modernizing your traditional and legacy applications can introduce more flexibility and scalability, and make your business more agile and productive, providing a better customer experience for those you serve.

The Application Modernization Assessment is an in-depth process that can be divided into a series of Deliverables:

  • Strategy and Plan Workshop: Discuss your high-level business objectives and application estate strategy.

  • Data Collection and Analysis: Collect app estate data and verify it against business objectives.

  • Categorization Workshop: Rationalize app portfolio against 5 R’s (Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, Replace).

  • Modernization Priority Identification: Identify up to five applications for deeper code level analysis and migration/modernization planning.

  • Final Recommendation Presentation: An overview presentation and detailed set of reports that include our results, recommendations, and next steps, including a deployable reference architecture and migration plan for selected apps.

As an investment in its key customers, Microsoft and a partner are sponsoring the application modernization assessment to help businesses like yours take advantage of the benefits of today’s customer-centric technology. The assessment is a two to four weeks process in which Microsoft and a partner rationalize your application portfolio and identifies up to five of business-critical applications for deeper analysis.