Managed VMWare Migration: 8-Wk Implementation

Applied Information Sciences

This engagement delivers a Managed Migration for a low-risk move of VMware (VMs) into Azure VMware Solution (AVS) PaaS as a fast path to operationalize VMware in the cloud.

A successful migration requires thorough discovery, careful assessments, designs based on best practices, and a solid implementation plan. With our proven framework and approach, we deliver robust methodologies to help smooth your transformation, whether you migrate a single application or an entire VMware vCenter infrastructure portfolio to the cloud.

Phase 1 – Discovery & Assessment

Rapidly collect infrastructure and application data to provide a holistic view of the technical requirements, the business needs, desires of stakeholders and workload owners. This data will provide improved visibility of mixed, complex IT environments while delivering critical insights into resource utilization for driving intelligent infrastructure capacity decisions.

Phase 2 – Intake & Planning

Will run in parallel of the Discovery and Assessment phase so move groups and migration schedules are agreed to (this is a sprint-based exercise in order to accelerate concurrent tasks). During this phase AIS will facilitate the installation of core common migration infrastructure and Azure Landing Zone readiness to support the migration of servers.

Phase 3 – Execute

Managed Migrations performed by AIS will utilize the best enabling migration technology available to achieve the objectives and timelines agreed to. The migration team will perform a Pre-Flight migration check and validate Intake and wave move-group scheduling and coordination.


This engagement delivers a Managed Migration for a low-risk "Lift & Shift" move of servers (Physical and Virtual) into an Azure “Landing Zone” as a fast path to operationalize in the cloud. The price is a base of 8 weeks with additional per workload pricing. The cost is reflective of 100 servers.