Azure Government Migration: 6 Wk Proof of Concept

Applied Information Sciences

AIS’ Azure Government Application Migration puts you on a path to cloud transformation through an initial rehost, or lift and shift, migration of an application to an Azure Government Landing Zone.

This 6-week engagement delivers a Rehost Migration for a low-risk Proof of Concept (POC) application hosted in a “Landing Zone” of initial cloud infrastructure deployed in Azure Government as a fast path to the cloud. The POC engagement is often followed by an agile, phased migration and modernization effort to continuously modernize your application portfolio.

Our Approach:

  • Phase 1 (weeks 1-2) – Plan & Assess: The assessment and planning phase includes an initial review of your organization’s current application portfolio to identify a recommended non-mission critical, low-risk initial pilot application to move to Azure Government to build your onramp to the cloud and prove out the migration approach and the landing zone infrastructure.

  • Phase 2 (weeks 3-4) – Build & Migrate: Architecture definition and implementation of an Azure Government Landing Zone cloud infrastructure for hosting and operating the candidate POC application.

  • Phase 3 (weeks 5-6) – Validate & Test: Conduct validation of the migrated POC application to the Azure Government Landing Zone infrastructure and perform user acceptance testing and certification of business capabilities.


An Application Migration using a Rehost approach will provide your organization with a migrated application deployed and operational in an established Landing Zone cloud infrastructure. This Landing zone serves as a foundation to move additional applications for your cloud migration and modernization strategy. Following this engagement, we’ll help you begin a phased modernization strategy, including prioritizing application batches for migration.

With Azure Government, it’s often unknown if any Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) tools could be used to perform auto-discovery. If ADDM tools are not permitted, then a survey and interview-based approach is used to collect the application portfolio information in Phase 1.