Federal DevSecOps: 1-Day Kickstarter Workshop

Applied Information Sciences

Our 1-day kickstarter workshop will help you accelerate cloud adoption by understanding the concepts and best practices for DevSecOps and creating a roadmap for your organization.

In this 1-day workshop, we will help you review your current security posture, risks, and gaps. AIS DevSecOps experts will provide education and guidance on establishing a secure code culture to help you create a roadmap for DevSecOps implementation, accelerating cloud adoption and development on the Azure Cloud platform.

Workshop Agenda

  • Core Concepts & Tools: We’ll cover what DevSecOps means and the core practices and tools available, such as Azure DevOps and Azure Secure. Topics include Security as Code, Continuous Security monitoring, integrated Code analysis, vulnerability assessments, and CI/CD application development and deployment processes.
  • Stakeholder Discussion: Working with key stakeholders responsible for IT Security Management, we’ll help uncover organizational goals for adopting DevSecOps practices and how to improve the organization’s security posture through the implementation of tooling and processes.
  • Frameworks & Roadmap: AIS will review the security and compliance controls framework (CMMC, NIST-800-171 R2, NIST-800-53 DoD, and FedRAMP) best practices and regulatory requirements. We’ll discuss the alignment of current security practices against key practices in these frameworks and recommendations for improvement.


By the end of this workshop, you'll have a foundational understanding of DevSecOps processes, tooling, and how to begin implementing within your organization.


AIS has proven capabilities in providing DevSecOps solutions and advisory services with extensive experience in planning and implementing a comprehensive DevSecOps program for clients. We’ll help you accelerate cloud adoption and application innovation in a secure and impactful way, delivering successful DevSecOps adoption and outcomes.

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