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Get assessment of your DevOps environment complete with effort estimate for migration to Azure DevOps or GitHub. Get comprehensive guidance on automation benefits and opportunities.

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DevOps assessment to unlock agile development and cloud automation opportunities for your applications. Assess your current ALM (or SDLC) processes, current change management tools and processes. Get a comparative analysis with modern DevOps tools and best practices and understand the potential to unlock efficiencies, reduce risks and stay compliant. This analysis will use Azure DevOps and GitHub's best practices and capabilities as reference and provides opportunities and effort estimate to implement them.

What to expect

  1. Meeting with IT and Business Leadership to understand your goals
  2. Comprehensive assessment of your existing SDLC (or ALM) tools and processes
  3. Report on conformity and consistency levels across your projects.
  4. Gap and Tech Debt analysis of DevOps tooling in use.
  5. Provide effort, opportunities, and benefits report with reference to your goals.
  6. Guidance on Azure DevOps implementation roadmap to meet your goals.

Allowance Time: 5 business days, within 3 weeks from the planned start date.

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