Mortgage & Lending Services Cloud 1-Wk Assessment

Invati inc.

Learn from experts. Get a comprehensive cloud migration assessment of your business applications on-prem and identify opportunities to improve productivity by cloud migration.
Invati provides best in class solutions for mortgage services industry. Cloud migration and application modernization can bring significant improvements to compliance, security, and agility to business. Latest tools in cloud enables rapid development and faster solution deployments and most often provides productivity improvement to the business. Offering: 1. Provide a comprehensive assessment of your systems along with cost saving and productivity improvement opportunities to migrate to Microsoft Azure and/or Power Platform. 2. Application modernization opportunities, and optimization of in-house development cost. Assess current state of your in-house development and third-party applications and provide recommendations on keep/retire/rebuild approaches with Azure and Power Platform. This report will include productivity benefits and cost of such improvements and resulting ROI projections. 3. DevOps and process compliance assessment. Part of the report include opportunities with migrating to Azure DevOps or GitHub from your current state, if not already on either platform. 4. Infrastructure security posture of the company with respect to user awareness and roadblocks for productivity. This report will include any remediation strategies utilizing Azure native tooling at your disposal. Deliverables: Comprehensive report of your environment including above points, along with financial and productivity improvement opportunities. Learn more at